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In an age of 24/7 digital connectivity, cloud computing gives businesses the capability to engage with their employees, customers and other stakeholders around the world. Cloud computing also allows companies to take advantage of mobility and big data analytics, setting them on the path to transformation and success.

By storing all relevant business information and programs on the Internet, instead of computer hardware, your company can reap the benefits of cloud computing.

Experienced Cloud Development providers can escalate application delivery by distributing their services closer to end users.

AIGS is an end-to-end service provider for all your cloud computing needs.

Giving you a wide spectrum of choices of platforms including Android, iOS, Java, PHP, Python, .NET, Node.js, Ruby on Rails, etc. AIGS provides you with a powerful platform to develop reliable cloud-based solutions.

We offer a secure, scalable and timely web services development which allows deploying a large volume of applications.

Data centers are getting outdated and organizations are moving to public and hybrid clouds to increase IT agility. AIGS has experts and best in class technologies to deliver managed AWS cloud services.

AIGS Cloud development uses a platform to support the cloud system, where the organizations can manage their data centres and applications virtually.

The large benefit of using a cloud service provider comes in efficiency and economies of scale. Rather than building and investing their own infrastructure to support internal services and applications, the services can be purchased from AIGS which provides the services to customers across the world from a shared infrastructure.

  • Cloud computing is a subscription-based service that offers on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computer resources (e.g., networks, applications, servers, storage, etc.) that is usually hosted by the supplier and provided over the Internet. Such services can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal transition services and management effort.
  • Cloud services are outsourcing without a single dedicated data centre. There are varying service models and deployment methods in cloud computing that provide a customer with different levels of control, flexibility, and management.
  • We ensure stringent security protocols for cloud application development and deployment to protect your data at all times.
  • While most of us already know the benefits of outsourcing cloud computing, the question that remains is what all things to look forward in a cloud-based infrastructure to drive maximum output. The right cloud equation means you will spend less time managing technology and more time on enhancing business performance.
  • Our offshore cloud computing services put you in control of your IT infrastructure.
  • Our cloud application development services assist in reducing costs and propelling your business forward.
We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.
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