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Today’s increasingly competitive business environment is compelling businesses to find new ways to make their processes more efficient. Profits, promotions, and cut-throat competition in the market keeps every business on its toes. Non-core activities like mail order processing, mailing, data entry, etc. take most of the time making it difficult for the companies to concentrate on their core business functions.

So, the best option is to outsource database data entry services to an experienced third-party service provider like AIGS. By outsourcing database data entry services to us, you can spend your valuable time on your core business functions while we handle your data entry work in the most efficient manner.

A database is one of the vital elements that ensure that applications and software perform the intended task successfully. The primary aim of our database services is to keep the database finely tuned and accessible all the time.

Our database experts have been helping organizations with services like Database architecture, design and development, setup and installation, database management and administration, upgradation and migration, database performance monitoring, database check-up, and other such services. We have the expertise for MySQL, MS SQL, Postgre SQL, NoSQL, Oracle, MongoDB, and Azure.

Lead by the fundamentals of performance & optimization, we develop unique data management solutions that enable effective decision making. We help put the best practices in place for an effective and time managed data services and solutions, either with time-tested methodologies of MIKE 2.0 or our own

We specialize in creating a robust architecture for efficiency across all business functions. We help you optimize existing, build new or even start your cloud journey for data or analytics.

Data is the most valuable resource of an organisation. Your data keeps accumulating in your warehouse from every conceivable media ranging from operational and transnational systems, scanners, sensors and smart meters, inbound and outbound customer contact points, mobile media and the Web. The value of your data depends on what you do with it. And the first step in unlocking its potential lies in data management. At AIGS, we help you reduce administration, storage, development and server costs while delivering one of a kind performance for highly available transactions and operational analytics.

AIGS  focus on  implementing solutions using various Open Source Technologies like Database – PostgreSQL (“The World’s Most Advanced Open Source Database”) ; Application – Python, PHP ; Cloud – OpenStack, CloudStack & more.

We specialize in transforming organizations by leveraging Open Source technologies, DevOps, Cloud, Microservices architectures, Automation, and Agile models with the objective of “Being Agile” and gaining competitive advantage

We Offer

  • 24*7 DBA Support: Our team of dedicated Database Administrators provide 24 / 7 monitoring and support. Our DBAs use a set of open source tools to monitor client databases, which helps us anticipate problems before they occur, saving you money and downtime.
  • Database Recovery: Our Database point-in-time recovery ensures you to recover your database back to the target time. We restore the database from backups prior to the target time for recovery, then uses incremental backups and redo to roll the database forward to the target time
  • Performance Optimization: Our expert resources, key factors are analysed generating concrete performance recommendations. The result is the ability to leverage existing infrastructure for increasing data demands.
We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.
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