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AIGS | Logistic BPO Services
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Logistic BPO Services

Logistics companies are under immense pressures to increase profits, reduce operational costs, and enhance TAT for shipment deliveries.

We provide end-to-end Logistics BPO services which include Accounts Payable and 3PL Track and trace services.

AIGS gives paramount importance to security, quality, and accuracy while implementing services like logistics accounts payable outsourcing services.


Our commitment to deliver excellent logistics process has resulted in reduced errors, accelerated billing process and better cash flow for clients.

We post the shipping documents under loads/orders. These are segregated by indexing them as (Invoices, POD, Lumper receipts, Bill of Lading, etc). These are directly scanned & sent for processing, retrieved from Carrier websites on behalf of the Client or Emailed.

We support all modes involved in this process land, air & ocean. This is done by employing various methods such as Web track, Calling, Email & Chat.

We are involved in tracking the entire journey of the shipment from pickup to delivery.


Cost Analysis involves reviewing shipment invoices for potential customers of the client and providing analysis on potential savings for various plans

Our Pre and Post Audit of Shipment Invoices services help determine the differences in quotes, shipment weight, estimated time of arrival (ETA) , etc and take corrective measures against same.


AIGS has a team of energetic and enthusiastic logistics experts who are determined to deliver the highest quality service experience.  High costs and falling margins are the major challenges to profitability in the shipping and logistics industry.

We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.
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