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AIGS | Outbound Call Center Services
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Outbound Call Center Services

In today’s hyper-competitive environment, most executives feel more pressure than ever to understand their potential market, customers, and competitors. As a result, outbound call centres are being considered by many companies to enhance responsiveness and lower costs.
Outbound Surveys are crucial to learn about your customers and gather data for product or service development.


You will be able to maximize performance and minimize costs by outsourcing to an outbound call centre.
Partnering with an outbound call centre will assure a quick turnaround of reports.


Outbound Surveys are one of the top activities conducted by call canters in the AIGS Network. The telephone is still a great way to conduct market research and outbound survey work. Our call centre agencies are experts at delivering the necessary results and saving you money.


Outbound Call Centre Services are important as they allow your business to reach either its customers or its prospective customers that it is looking to convert. In order to reduce the cost of operations and to focus on their core competencies, businesses choose to outsource these services to outsourcing companies that have relevant experience and good track record for providing outbound services.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is a method where prospective customers or clients are called by a business to inform them about their various products & services and to raise interest and awareness among those offerings

Customer Survey

In order to improve customer experience, businesses often need to conduct surveys to understand the behaviour and changing demands of their customers. This is done through customer survey calls that are made to the existing database of customers

Customer Retention

Customer retention is a function of a business where customers that want to discontinue your services are called in an attempt to sway their minds into staying with the company. This type of service is needed mostly by service providers

3rd Party Verification Services

Capturing of authentic data helps businesses to develop strong sales pipelines, simplify workflow, reduce overhead, maximize lead generation, and improves employee retention rate, among many other benefits. If you want to accelerate your learning curve, then consider outsourcing powerful third party verification services to Go4customer.

Also, when you hire an employee, you are actually putting up your company’s image at stake. So, effective employee verification services become a must-have for your company. Go4customer is a notable vendor involved in delivering unmatched employment verification services to corporates in USA, UK, and India.

Employment verification services

We help you empower your employment verification process with automated, uniform and controlled information capture. Our team diligently verifies and validates an applicant’s employment history and background check, from date of employment, job titles, role and responsibilities, and education history to reasons for leaving and criminal record reports.

Customer data verification

Authentic information is not only significant for communication, but also for customer analytics. Customer data verification ensures the authentic information capture of buyer’s billing and shipping address, and email information. It further lessens undeliverable packages and address correction charges. Our experts assess customer stability and authenticity via telephone verification to ensure seamless collection and delivery services.

Sales Verification

Our sales verification team consists of highly experienced and dedicated executives provide customers with the accuracy and security that is expected when making online purchases, in-store purchase or B2B purchases. We provide the most secure and recognized form of sales verification.

Welcome Call

The welcome call services we provide brings higher customer satisfaction levels, lower customer attrition, Information capture, self-service promotion, etc. Our team of expert outbound callers lets your business upscale and increase your customer’s satisfaction levels.

Appointment Setting Services

Outsourced appointment setting can be a great move for your business. Our Senior Consultants analyse your specific appointment setting needs along with the advantages and disadvantages of each location. Then, your search will be targeted to introduce you to the appointment setting services with the best combination of location, experience, size, available capacity, and price for your application.

Information Gathering

We understand your concern about Information gathering for your business development. The process of Information gathering can be a time-consuming process. It includes wide research, skills to relate to the prospect, recap and revisit, and then reel in the deal. We help you to continuously gain new information to help build more meaningful relationships and go deeper into each of your accounts.

Market Research surveys

Market Research Services are critical to learn about your customers and gather data for product or service development. Businesses can also discover how customers react to their marketing efforts and politicians find out how voters feel about issues and candidates. Since Market Research requires very specific data in a tight time frame, many companies are choosing to outsource.

Our team of experts and trained professionals conduct the market research surveys across different platforms and by targeting respondents according to market demographics and other relevant factors.
We strive to provide the most precise and effective market research and surveys that help you to escalate the business planning ahead of our competitors.

Service Satisfaction Follow-ups Services

After Sales, Service Satisfaction follow-up Services is necessary for brand image and customer retention. But due to lack of time and human resources, the companies turn cold towards the customers. The Service Satisfaction follow-up service is necessary for the follow-up or to stay-in-touch with the earlier customers to retain them for a long run and keeping away from losing them to your competitors. In order to achieve a brand name with your achieved sales, your organization needs the follow-up with the customers to make a lasting impression in this competitive market.

We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.
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