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Making live calls to leads or existing customers is an essential task for many businesses.  If done correctly, your customers shouldn’t be offended.  In fact, they should be glad that you called to fulfil their needs. However, this doesn’t happen without professional management, updated systems, and great agents.  If you need help harnessing the “power of telemarketing”, our consultants are ready to help you hire a great call centre partner today!

We can quickly analyse your situation and introduce you to experienced, cost effective telemarketing agencies. Outsourced telemarketing is an effective way to increase revenue immediately.

We are well trained in sales and up-selling.  we can help you generate more revenue on day one.  Our employees can help you to cultivate excellent relationships with your clients while also increasing revenue and reducing costs.

Telemarketing is the most popular and dynamic direct marketing technique. Simply put, an approach, which is undertaken to spread word of mouth about your products/services among target audience in the right manner. Telemarketing services help businesses in generating interest amid the potential customers about new products/services launch, builds customer-base, and generating qualified sales leads.


Telemarketing agencies can significantly increase your sales, customer acquisition, or lead generation by instantly ramping your capacity and performance.

  • Telemarketing is an economical way to promote your products and services
  • You can reach out your customers via telemarketing without any geographical constraints
  • One of the optimal ways to market your products/services to existing & prospective customers
  • Helps in improving your products/services by gaining deeper insight into your customer’s unique tastes and preferences
  • Helps you create instant rapport with your target audience

A sneak peak at some of our core telemarketing solutions:

B2B telemarketing services:

Our experience coupled with in-depth business knowledge and cutting-edge technology enables us to deliver a tangible return on your investment through B2B telemarketing outsourcing service. We help you convert leads into qualified sales through appointment setting, account profiling, and telesales services.


B2C telemarketing services:

Go4customer helps you expand your reach into the targeted market with high-quality B2C Telemarketing services. Be it the comprehensive account penetration or a high-volume sales leads qualification, our team is there to leverage the potential of each sales call.


Outbound telemarketing services:

We work closely with you to understand your unique selling points (USPs) and accordingly design each marketing campaign in order to boost your bottom lines.


Market research programs-

Comprehensive market research programs are undertaken by our team of experts to assimilate accurate information about target markets or customers.


Inbound telemarketing services

With state-of-the-art call centres, skilled call agents, automated voice and data services; we provide proven inbound telemarketing services, right from customer acquisition, customer support to upselling/cross-selling.

We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.
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